Redness & Rosacea Treatment in New York City

If you have rosacea or general facial redness, you may think that nothing can be done to create a clear complexion. But through the use of prescription medication and advanced laser technology, Dr. Lisa Airan is able to improve the appearance of redness for an enhanced skin tone.

How the Procedure is Performed

Facial redness and rosacea are treated by the Genesis procedure on the XEO platform. The laser targets the microvasculature in the dermis to decrease facial redness and rosacea for our New York City patients. In addition, cells are stimulated to produce collagen which leads to improvement of skin texture and fine lines.

A gentle warming sensation is experienced during the laser procedure. No anesthesia or pain medicine is required. Treatment time is usually less than 10 minutes, with the average patient requiring 4 to 6 treatments for maximum effectiveness.

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A world-class beauty expert and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Airan looks forward to meeting you.

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You may have a little redness like a sunburn for minutes to a few hours after treatment. Patients need to avoid exercise and alcohol for 48 hours after treatment to give the skin time to heal. In addition, you will need to avoid natural tanning or self tanning lotions for 2 weeks prior to procedure.

To learn more about treating facial redness and rosacea at our New York City office, please request a consultation with Dr. Airan or call (212) 400-0999 to schedule your appointment.