Facial Veins

Facial veins can make a person look much older than they really are. Dr. Lisa Airan is a specialist with cosmetic laser technology and has extensive experience treating facial veins at her office in Manhattan. Laser vein removal is an easy and effective skin rejuvenation treatment.

Dr. Airan also offers vein treatments for areas of the body including the legs. These treatments include sclerotherapy and laser vein therapy for spider veins and varicose veins.

How the Procedure Is Performed

The light beam emitted from the laser targets the blood in the vein beneath the skin surface. When the energy is absorbed, it is converted to heat, which results in coagulation, or closure, of the blood vessel. The laser treatment may feel like a mild sting for a fraction of a second, but no anesthesia or pain medicine is required. The laser has a built-in cooling tip that not only helps to protect the skin but also helps to minimize the discomfort.

The average patient requires 1 to 2 treatments, at monthly intervals. Duration of treatment depends on the size of the treatment area and the severity of facial veins, but generally treatments are completed in under 10 minutes.

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You may have a little redness like a sunburn and mild swelling surrounding the veins treated for a brief period as the area heals. Avoid exercise and alcohol for 48 hours after treatment. Also, you must avoid natural tanning and self tanning lotions for 2 weeks prior to the procedure.

If you would like to learn more about laser vein removal at our Manhattan office, request a consultation with Dr. Airan or call (212) 400-0999 to schedule your appointment.