Earlobe Repair/ Otoplasty

The ears should naturally compliment the face and contribute to the overall balance and visual harmony of your features. However, many patients may feel self-conscious about their ears, whether they are misshapen, overly large or protruding, or, if the earlobes have drooped dramatically as a result of too many years spent wearing heavy earrings. In all these cases, earlobe surgery is a very good option. Dr. Born uses the most advanced techniques, designed to be minimally-invasive while helping patients attain the desired shape, size, and position for their ears.

What it Is

Otoplasty is the surgical correction of abnormally large or protruding ears and is sometimes referred to as “ear pinning.” During otoplasty surgery, Dr. Born will make a small, well- concealed incision following the natural crease of your ear. Excess cartilage may be reduced or re-shaped to create a more aesthetically pleasing, less pronounced, shape to the ears.

Is it For Me?

A minimally-invasive procedure with a very high success rate, it’s safe enough to be performed on children who can suffer the psychological impact of teasing about their overly pronounced ears. Adults who are considering otoplasty are often suffering similarly—they may be too self-conscious to pull their hair back or wear any kind of accessories that call attention to their ears. If you feel insecure or awkward as a result of your ear shape or position, you may be an ideal candidate for this procedure.

What to Expect

Earlobe correction is a quick, minimally-invasive procedure that can correct uneven, drooping, or stretched earlobes as well as sagging earring holes. The procedure is performed using local anesthetic and has a very high rate of success. It may also be combined with micro fat grafting to add some volume to the earlobe. Dr. Born can then re-pierce the ears immediately or after 6 weeks depending on the surgery that has been performed.