What it Is

A brow lift can serve many purposes, from reducing extra skin on the top of eyelids, to pulling eyebrows into a position that results in a more youthful look, to removing excess skin on the forehead that may perpetuate sagging around the eyes.

Dr. Born will choose from several types of brow lifts depending on the look you are hoping to achieve.

Is it For Me?

You may be a candidate for a classic lift. This procedure involves making a discreet cut from ear to ear along the hair line to avoid any noticeable scarring; then the skin is pulled and shaped accordingly for the desired outcome.

There is also an innovative, and less invasive, procedure known as an endoscopic lift in which there are a few smaller cuts where the adjustments are made. Because it is less invasive, scarring and recovery times are lessened.

What to Expect

During your consultation, every aspect of your care along with any potential risks will be discussed. Dr. Born’s goal is to provide patients with the best results, fastest recovery, and highest standard in post-operative care.